Imagine overcoming the world’s number one social fear! If you could do that, what more could you do with your life and your business?

Becoming a confident and competent speaker is one of life’s best hacks. Being able to communicate with ease and authenticity to a prospective boss or potential client, or even to family and friends, is a tool that will hold you in great stead.

Sheryl has provided personal coaching and mentoring, as well as speaking workshops in all areas of business, from the corporate environment to small businesses and entrepreneurs for over 30 years. Boosting confidence and self-belief with easy-to-master techniques and advice, she helps her clients overcome obstacles and achieve great results. Sheryl’s latest mentee took the highest award in a national speaking competition. Among recent clients are sales professionals and business owners who have gained in confidence and gone on to win business they were previously too timid to try for. Others have learned to promote themselves more effectively, both online and in person.

Sheryl hasn’t always been so confident. Starting out as a new sales representative, given the opportunity because she had potential, Sheryl was immediately encouraged to enhance her public speaking skills. Her sales skills grew as her confidence increased, allowing her to achieve great results in her sales and sales management career.

With more than 20 years’ experience as a Toastmaster, Sheryl has seen people from all walks of life improve their lives and their livelihoods using this one vital skill. You can see why she is so passionate about sharing her knowledge with others! “Imagine overcoming the world’s number one social fear” Sheryl says. “If you can do this, what else could you do with your life?”