Want to create authentic connections with your clients and potential clients?

Need to create trust and credibility but not sure where to start?

Are you struggling to find clients? Are you finding it difficult to stand out amongst all the competition in your market? Gaining credibility and sharing your unique offering online can be difficult, especially when so many others are out there doing the same.

Whether via video on social media or your website, speaking in person or via zoom, people prefer to connect with a real person.

As an experienced coach and facilitator, Sheryl has empowered many clients in New Zealand and Australia to share their message in a more authentic and compelling way through in-person communication.

Sheryl can help you to stand out from the rest of the noise, to create an authentic connection, allow you to promote your business and share your important messages in a way that clients will remember. Create trust, forge an immediate bond, be unforgettable.

No more selling, just authentic sharing.

Book a free 30 minute coaching session online with Sheryl and find out how personal coaching may be the most effective way for you to reach your goals.

Imagine walking 20 to 30 kms each day for 37 days. The Camino de Santiago, a 776km pilgrimage across the top of Spain, offers such a challenge. One I chose to accept. It was an amazing journey full of life changing experiences. Some were fun. Others, well let’s just say, they were major opportunities for growth.

On the Camino and in everyday life, we face different kinds of fear. Some are real, like getting lost, while others are more about feeling lonely or unsure of ourselves. The same goes for public speaking and self-promotion — we worry about what others will think or if we’ll mess up.