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Hi! I'm Sheryl

Are you a highly capable, mature aged, lifetime full of experience ENTREPRENEUR?

Are you ready to achieve greatness and become a MASTER ENTREPRENEUR? 

Like you, I have spent a lifetime perfecting my offering. I decided it was time I set up a business of my own, no more working for the man. So I set up my website, my Facebook page, even set up a LinkedIn profile, then ….nothing Where were all the clients I thought would just come knocking at my door. Perhaps this sounds familiar. Maybe where you are now? 

I feel for you. It sucks. It shouldn’t be this hard. 

Where we are today is an accumulation of a lifetime of hard work and learning, often for the benefit of someone else. We’ve proven our worth, time and time again. Yet now, when we set out to finally do something for ourselves, it feels like being right back looking for that first job again. We shouldn’t have to sell ourselves and our expertise all over again.

But we do

We only buy from people we trust, especially when it comes to high ticket items. 

But how do we create this trust when we are just starting out?

Whilst we know we can do it, we need to build that trust with others so they will give us the chance to show them what we are capable of.

I believe, to create a successful, lifestyle sustaining, highly profitable, service-based business, we need to go through


Missing out on any of THE FOUR PHASES of an ENTREPRENEUR MASTER is often the reason entrepreneurs never achieve the success they hope for. I know, I tried to.

There are four steps or phases that we need to move through to take our business from being paid by the hour (not too dissimilar to working in a job), to being paid for your expertise (did I say WELL PAID). Each phase creates trust and builds on the previous one. Missing one out can slow the whole process down, or even stop it completely. Some people spend a lifetime doing this, some only get as far as phase one, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

When I came to understand this principle, I was able to turn my business around, and I’d like to show you how you can do it too. I would like to help you to grow your service-based business to a place that truly expresses your expertise and knowledge; one that pays you what you are really worth. I’d like to show you how to create that much needed TRUST … and find clients, without the need of the hard sell. 

Contact me NOW, for a free, no obligation, no credit card required, no hassle, FREE 45 minute consult where I can show you how easy it can be.

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THE smart entrepreneur

This is the stage when we discover what our clients really want, perfecting our offering. Sometimes, this is just where we stay. As a Smart Entrepreneur we may be making a comfortable living, but never really achieving the success we imagined. Half our time is spent earning money, but the other half is spent continually looking for new clients. Without spending time here first though, we cannot successfully progress on to reaching our true potential.


This is where we can greatly reduce the number of hours spent looking for new clients by working smarter, not harder. This phase can be a little frightening for some, but the pay-off is extremely worthwhile. Here we learn not only what to say, but how to say it and where to find places to share our expertise.

savvy tech

We know what our clients want, and we are now even considered an expert. Whilst we have probably been using some social media to assist, it is time to step it up a notch to free up a lot more time. Automating the impersonal, repetitive jobs is the first step toward creating a business that also frees up our time for the other important things in life.


Becoming The Master is where the big money is. We understand What Our Clients want, have established ourselves as Industry Experts and have Automated our Marketing. But still, our main services – our high -ticket items – are provided by us. Moving into Phase Four The Master changes all of this. Let me show you how.