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Group workshops combined with coaching are a great way to gain confidence. Learning the skills is not enough. Practice, combined with encouraging feedback helps to cement the learning, and understand any blind-spots.

Workshops can be run in-house or as breakout sessions at your next conference. Help your staff  overcome mental blocks toward selling, gain confidence when presenting and win new business by being seen as that expert in the front of the room. 

Workshops are followed up with participant presentations and personal coaching either online or in person. All workshops are tailored to your individual business needs. 

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Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness Works is New Zealand’s largest mindfulness training organisation and provides non-religious, practical mindfulness courses for absolute beginners.

Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation Course (4 weeks). Course includes four one-hour classes, downloadable guided mindfulness meditations and a 45 page guidebook.

Whilst these workshops can be found throughout New Zealand, Sheryl runs the Albany and Orewa courses, along with in person advanced courses.

Sheryl’s workshop was really helpful for learning some useful tools on how to present myself in different professional settings. It was also a great opportunity to network. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to create a credible profile for themselves and their business.
Sheryl’s workshop provided a simple structure for creating an elevator pitch which helps me to intrigue clients and build my credibility.
Sherman Wang
International Coaching Federation
Associate Certified Coach
Sheryl’s Credibility Creation Workshop was my saviour. It changed everything. As well as helping me have the courage to share my story, she taught me how to say it from the heart in an engaging way that would capture my audience’s attention. My first post was so successful I was asked to have it feature in their newsletter and website. Thank you Sheryl, for giving me a voice so I can tell my story effectively and help others by doing so.
Elizabeth Fletcher