The Greatest Research Papers in the US and China

The most prestigious research papers in the US are those produced by universities in the country. China has begun to surpass the US in this field and has even surpassed research conducted by Barack Obama, well-known for his work on healthcare reform. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the near future, particularly since it is expected that China’s economy will grow dramatically.

Recombinant protein production is becoming a bottleneck

Proteins are the most essential component of living organisms. Proteins are a major component of cells and play an essential role in cell functions as well as diseases. New diagnostics and treatments have been developed through understanding the protein structure and function. Similarly the discovery of the structure of the human genome has revolutionised our understanding of our genetic code.

However the development of efficient and sustainable production methods for industrially relevant proteins has not occurred as quickly as we would like. Generally, strategies to improve titers involve appropriate fermentation conditions and genetic engineering of production strains. In addition, the availability of a variety of heterologous expression systems has increased the possibilities for producing protein recombinant.

It is not unusual to see a recombinant protein produced in a heterologous system that is not synthesized in a native host. This is due to the presence of undesirable metabolites. These compounds have restricted the industrial production of a variety of fungi.

Barack Obama’s research on US healthcare reform

Millions of Americans have been able to obtain health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, which is also known as “Obamacare”. This has improved their access to quality healthcare and their financial security. The law restricts 19 million Americans who are not insured from the market.

Although the law has made significant advancements in addressing healthcare issues, it is far from perfect. Trump’s administration has shown a determination to reverse the ACA’s progress.

Insurance companies are still learning about how the insurance market works. Many have stated that ACA reforms will leave the uninsured in the dust. But there are also other changes that are being made to help more Americans afford coverage.

The ACA’s Medicaid expansion has helped more than 12.7 million people gain health coverage. It has reduced the number of people with low incomes who die without health insurance. Another reason for the increased coverage is the tax credits that are available to help individuals to pay for their coverage.

China has outdone the U. putting out research papers

Chinese scientists have beaten their US counterparts in the publication of research papers in the field of natural sciences. Researchers used a variety of methods to measure the performance of both countries in this area. The citation-reliant Web of Science database, for instance, offers comprehensive information on citations to studies in many different scientific disciplines.

Using these methods, researchers have found that China’s scientific output has increased at a remarkable rate over the past decade. In fact, the quality of Chinese scientific publications is now comparable to that of Germany and Britain.

Despite this, the US and China have yet to close the gap in technology. This is a problem that will only get worse in the next few years as the two nations continue to develop a new technological revolution that will transform the world economy.

The US and China are fighting for technological lead. However, it’s also a fight to safeguard the security of our nation. Many top officials, including Pentagon chiefs, are describing China as a threat for America’s security.

Research papers of excellent quality

It is generally believed that Chinese researchers do not produce as high-quality research than their Western counterparts. A new study suggests the opposite. China beat out the United States as the world’s leader in “high impact” research according to a new study by Japanese researchers.

As a way of assessing the quality of research papers, researchers have relied on the measure known as citations. However, these metrics are inadequate in evaluating the reliability affordable papers and credibility of research papers. There are other measures that offer an understanding of the credibility and popularity of scientific articles and researchers.

In addition to examining citations, researchers have traditionally employed a method known as field normalization. This method considers the citation practices of various fields and reveals how a country is performing in the field. Due to the differing citation behavior between disciplines, field normalization is an important method of assessing the quality of research.