We buy from people we trust, especially when it comes to high ticket items. But how do we create this trust when we are just starting out?

Where we are today is an accumulation of a lifetime of hard work and learning, often for the benefit of someone else. We’ve proven our worth time and time again, yet now, when we set out to finally do something for ourselves, it feels like being back looking for that first job. We shouldn’t have to sell ourselves all over again.

But we do

Whilst we know we can do it, we need to build that trust with others so they will give us the chance to show them what we are capable of.

I believe, to create a successful, lifestyle sustaining, highly profitable service-based business, we need to go through THE FOUR PHASES of an ENTREPRENEUR MASTER. Missing out on any one of THE FOUR PHASES of an ENTREPRENEUR MASTER is often the reason entrepreneurs never achieve the success they expect.


  • PHASE ONE: The Smart Entrepreneur
  • PHASE TWO: The Expert
  • PHASE THREE: The Savvy Tech
  • PHASE FOUR: The Master

The Smart Entrepreneur correctly starts at Phase One. Here we discover what our clients really want, perfecting our offering. And sometimes, this is just where we choose to stay. The Smart Entrepreneur may be making a comfortable living, but its hard to achieve real success at this stage. Half our time is spent earning money, but the other half is spent continually looking for new clients. This is often when we might consider hiring staff, but the thought of this just seems to add more stress. But how else can I grow? we ask.

How…. by becoming The Expert. This is where we can greatly reduce the number of hours spent looking for new clients by working smarter, not harder. Phase Two can be a little frightening for some, but the pay-off can be extremely worthwhile. When we speak to a number of people at once, we are not only increasing our productivity, we also become recognised as the expert that we have become (think about the last time you watched a TED Talk or sat in a seminar). But then again, there is still a limit to our growth. Unless of course, we move into Phase Three.

The Savvy Tech is ready to automate those simple, repetitive jobs. We know what our clients want and are now recognised for our expertise in our niche. Whilst we have probably been using some social media to assist, it is now time to step it up a notch to free up a lot more time. Many entrepreneurs however, start directly at Phase Three and just aim to focus with online marketing and sales. Unfortunately, they don’t fully understand what their clients’ pain points are. They have an offering and that’s what they are going to sell. But is it really what people want? They didn’t bother asking. But because we have spent time talking face to face with our clients, we know what keeps them awake at night. 

Becoming The Master is where the big bucks are. We now understand What Our Clients Want, have established ourselves as Experts and have Automated our Marketing. But still, our main services – our high-ticket items – are provided by us, and there are only so many hours in the day. Moving into Phase Four The Master changes all of this.

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One on One Coaching

The quickest way to achieve your ideal outcome is with one-on-one coaching. If you are unsure how to reach your full potential, to learn the Four Phases of the Entrepreneur Master, we will create a plan together, then work to implement it.

Perhaps you already have a good idea about what you should be doing, but for some reason keep sabotaging your efforts. I know what its like when you wake up in the middle of the night, wondering what on earth do I think I am doing! Sometimes having a sounding board, or someone to hold you accountable, is all you need to stick with your dream and achieve the greatness you know is within you. 

You don’t have to do this alone. Contact Sheryl for a FREE 45 minute chat to discuss if One on One Coaching is right for you.

Small Group Course

Working with a small group to create a plan that will work for your unique business, then working again with this same group, holding each other accountable, is a cost effective, enjoyable and often very enlightening way to achieve your goals. 

As an Entrepreneur, working alone may be one of the most difficult things that you experience, but you don’t need to do it alone. Join our 2 day SALES EXCELLENCE workshop, followed by fortnightly group coaching calls to implement what you learn. Not only will you learn the Four Phases of the Entrepreneur Master, you will have the power of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs helping you to hold yourself accountable to achieve. 

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